Grady's Poem

Grady's Decision

I was born not long ago
The birth was not the norm
They called it a c-section
I wasn't ready to be born.

My lungs -- not good, my breath was weak
I had to fight for life
But Jesus came to visit me
In the wee hours of the night.

"I came to encourage you."
The Savior leaned so close.
His breath was sweet and lovely
His presence was "the most!"

I was tired of fighting.
His face held such sweet love
"Please take me with you, Jesus,
To that joy-filled place above.

I'll wait for my family there
By waters purest blue
I'll cheer them on to win the fight
And come to be there too.

I'll love them with a greater love --
The kind you give to me,
And they will walk gold streets with us
Throughout eternity."

 So I went Home with Jesus
We're waiting there, 'tis true. 
Don't be so sad, Mom and Dad
We're waiting there for you.

I'll show you things you've never seen
He'll dress you in blinding white
He'll grant you joy you've never known
In a city pure and bright.

We'll eat from the Tree of Life
And sing songs to His Name
We'll be together forevermore
With no guiltiness or shame.

Don't feel like you've missed so much
'Cause I'm not there with you
Just because I'm absent there
From what you're going through.

I play in the River of Life.
I see angels on golden wing.
You'll know someday, sweet Mom and Dad,
That we've not missed a thing.

We're waiting for you,
and love you more than you can know...
Grady and Jesus