Richard, Dottie, Megan and Cody Swavey

At first I felt like no one understood how we felt, but yet alot of families were in the NICU experiencing similar trials such as ours. I remember the 1 nurse at the NICU giving me a pamphlet on Grady's Decision. I went home that night and looked up the website. Tears began to pour! Finally a family that was brave enough to share their story. A story of a not so happy ending but then also at the same time, a happy ending. The very next day, I called Ryan and got the chance to talk to him for quite awhile. He truly inspired me and I felt for the first time, we are not alone! Ryan and Katrina are truly inspirational and motivating! Grady's Decision was definitely there calling from God and there touching the lives of so many families. They have picked us up at one of our biggest challenges in life and have gotten us through with the help of a gas card so we could afford to see our son daily without the worry of whether or not, we'd had enough gas to get up to Erie.

Cody is now 5 months old. He still wears a monitor at night but is now breathing on his own and getting stronger each day. He is a fighter, he's our angel.

Grady's Decision has a big purpose in life and that's to touch the lives of others. Thank you for your continued support.


Richard, Dottie, Megan and Cody Swavey

Elizabeth Greer - Baby Austin

Our son was born 10 weeks early. Something that was not expected and at the same time we were so worried with mixed emotions. We have a son that passed away at just 3 months old, so now with another one coming so early it was scary. After a few hours after delivery our son was transported to Saint Vincent's NICU. I was of course still having to stay at another hospital with out my son, but the next day I was right there with him. It was only a few short days when we were informed of gradys decision, by hospital staff and some friends. I was in shock just reading their story and I cried tears of joy with how much they have helped parents and tears of sorrow with knowing the feeling of losing a son. I then became in contact with Ryan and since we have became so close and he cares about our son so much and loves to hear his updates and we have been blessed with gas cards, parking pass, diapers, wipes, a mamaroo and so much more! I am so thankful for EVERYTHING they have done for us and even the emotional support. As of today Austin is still in the NICU. It's his 41st day and hopefully tomorrow goes well and we can bring him home. He has been such an amazing fighter. We couldn't have done this all without all the help, thoughts and prayers!

We will for sure keep in touch. Thank you all so much!

Elizabeth, Justin Greer & Family

Randi Reed
- Babies Alyson  & Isabella  

Alyson & Isabella were born 2 months early on October 30, 2010. They weighed 4lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 1 oz. Bella was in the NICU at Saint Vincent for 29 days & Aly was in the NICU for 40 days. They did well there, but got pneumonia at 4 1/2 months and was hospitalized for 3 days. Ryan & his family was so helpful! They gave us food cards, free parking pass, and also gas cards! You guys have no idea how much you helped us out! I want to say thank you. Aly & Bella just celebrated their 1st birthday and they are doing wonderful! Their health is great and they are the happiest little girls! You guys are truly amazing, God Bless you guys! It was so nice to know that somebody else went through the same thing. I remember talking to Ryan when i was so scared when Aly has to get a blood transfusion. He reassured me that it was a normal procedure in the NICU because babies that small cannot keep up with as much blood as they get drawn each week for tests and things. I just want to say that you guys really are amazing, and I hope you continue to help families with premature babies for years to come!

Randi, Jason Alyson & Isabella Reed





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